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FaN Week 2023

September 16th (Sat) to October 22nd (Sun) “FaN Week 2023” Notice regarding a special project! Exhibition “Fukuoka Castle Art Project” By artist Takashi Kuribayashi + CINEMA CARAVAN We will be exhibiting Genki-ro and Tanker Project! ————————

Venue: Maizuru Park Sannomaru Square Date: September 16th (Sat) - September 24th (Sun), 2023 Genki reactor operation is scheduled for 19:00-22:00 on September 16, 17, 21, and 24. ———————— In addition, CINEMA CARAVAN representative Rai Shizuno Traveled around the world and created records In line with his video work "Play with the Earth", Play with the Earth Orchestra will perform live! Everyone, please come and visit us! ■ Takashi Kuribayashi (@takashikuri) Takashi Kuribayashi Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1968. Since 1993, shortly after East-West unification Since living in Germany, I have been drawing on the theme of "boundaries". He presents his works using a variety of media such as installation and video. Currently active internationally, traveling between Japan and Indonesia, He has been invited to various exhibitions. ■ CINEMA CARAVAN (@cinemacaravan) It was started mainly by the members who created the first Zushi Coastal Film Festival, which was held in Zushi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 2010. Photographer: Artist whose founder was Rai Shizuno. Musicians, painters, carpenters, cooks, etc. A group of people from various genres, Developing the experiences and connections that have been cultivated, We continue to create a cycle in which this money is returned to the destination.


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