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out of the mosquito net / cinema caravan & takashi kuribayashi


Road to documenta fifteen

documenta fifteen

18 June - 25 September 2022   Kassel,Germany

Artistic Direction: ruangrupa

Concept: lumbung

lumbung calling
The Public Program of documenta fifteen starts on 3 April 2021

Exhibition venues
Already announced venues, including several used for the first time


Takashi Kuribayashi has held many activities with CINEMA CARAVAN since the first Zushi Beach Film Festival in 2009. Their collaborative participation to documenta 15 in 2022 has been decided!!

Advocating for the concept of “NO ART MAKE FRIENDS” ,

they will open the door of possibilities that leads us to a new era and new world.




A fluid, roving community of like-minded artist, carpenters, designers, and musicians, Cinema Caravan and Takashi Kuribayashi ask viewers to reconsider their perceptions of nature and their place in it. In Kassel, they are presenting a large, mobile space made out of mosquito nets, drawing audiences into an evolving net as it drifts around the city.


Conviviality is a from of consciousness raising for Cinema Caravan and artist Takashi Kuribayashi. A fluid roving community of like-minded artists, carpenters, designers, and musicians, as well as cooks and surfers, the collectives has produced open-air cinemas for venues ranging from natural sites, to festivals and art events. Since graduating from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2002, Kuribayashi, who is now based between Japan and Yogyakarta, Indonesia, has made a career of producing large-scale installations that invert as a mechanism for viewers to reconsider their perceptions of the world and their place in it.


Both Cinema Caravan and Takashi Kuribayashi are united in their long-standing concern for ecology and energy issues—a concern that was only heightened after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and concomitant Fukushima nuclear disaster of March 11,2011. Their work encourages visitors to immerse themselves into problems that can often feel remote or hard to visualize, such as the effects of radioactive contamination on the environment, while also taking time to recharge themselves spiritually.


In Kassel, the artist are driven by the motto “make friends not art” Building on previous works, such as Kuribayashi’s Genki-Ro installation (2021), a functioning herbal steam sauna modeled on the Fukushima reactors.


The choice of material is inspired by the Japanese idiom ‘kaya no soto’ or ‘out of mosquito net’

which corresponds in usage to the English “out of the loop” Instead of practicing exclusion, the project invites unforeseen audiences into the mosquito net and evolves in dialogue with local contributors as it drifts around Kassel.


Exemplifying the lumbung sprit informing  documenta fifteen, Cinema Caravan and Takashi Kuribayashi’s projects cumulatively point to the caravan as a model of community where individuals retain their autonomy while each contributing in their own way to an unfolding experience of togetherness.



From Nuclear Power to Genki Reactor


new energy

It is the positive energy that emanates from all people, creatures and nature.

People don't trust what they can't see.

We fear, worry, and fear what we cannot see.


But the strange thing is

Worship unseen religions, gods and stories.


It is inconsistent.


All of that

These concepts can be changed in an instant depending on people's thoughts because they are created by people's thoughts.

This world is made up of our thoughts.


Humans are bundles of energy.

Its power and potential are limitless.

How to use this infinite energy is a problem for us human beings.


This Genki Furnace in the shape of a nuclear reactor,

turn all negative energy into positive

Not only the mind but also the body is forced to be healthy,

It is an energy conversion device.


In water cooked with firewood, various kinds of medicinal herbs are added and brought to a boil.

The steam travels through pipes,

Sent into the core of the Genki Furnace.

The people inside lost their sight in the white steam,

You have to activate sensory organs other than sight.

smell, taste, hearing, skin sensation,

The sensation of being wrapped in herbal tea.

Concentration and mindlessness.


We humans, whose bodies are mostly made up of water,

In certain happy circumstances,

The water in the body reacts and energy circulates.

And it releases an infinite amount of energy that science cannot explain.

And that energy infects people, making friends, family and everything happy.


This spirit furnace

Invigorate people, lead them to happiness,

Spread that happiness to all things on earth

It is a transmission system.

Inspection for documenta fifteen 2021

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