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Yatai Trip Project


PLAY with The Earth”

CINEMA CARAVAN is a mobile cinema based on the concept of being able to “play with the earth”
with the five senses – set sometimes by a quiet bayside, sometimes in the middle of a rice field, on a hill,

on the expended ruins of a place etched in history, or otherwise set in the middle of a pulsing city.
Stimulating the senses can make the journeys deeper, and makes one’s humanity more profound.

Unfurling a screen for outdoor viewing in the different landscapes of our journey, we set the stage of
non-routine experience in an everyday place. And in the process, we learn from those we meet on the road
their wisdom on how to live, and experience their varied cultures.

Connecting city to city, people to people, and by creating a common ground where we can exchange freely,
we seek to be a vehicle that brings us closer to the movement of life– so that eventually we can connect the dots
in our journey.

Tanker Project 
with ArtTank

Yatai Trip Project

[ Yatai (a covered wagon) is a unique culture and space system of Asia with the movement and character of  a tentative feast. Once we open Yatai, the surrounding external space is included, and it turns into a room or an internal space.

<Yatai Trip> , musicians or cameramen travel to various border as part of the work. This facility, based on the commonplace material of single-wheeled car, is an unbalanced article that doesn't move without man's hand.
Yatai ,which moves by keeping balance by man's hand at travel spots,is a facility that reveals distances or borders between men. Other than the original covered wagon,which had the meaning as an opened thing, yatai has becoming an aggregate, being closed and a kind of cubic work ]

Living Room

living room for seed
         pass: wind

Sanyo & more trees project

Experience cultivated in history, original needlework technology, and pride and humanity of the staff who works.

The works of the penguin specification realized by the collaboration of Kuribayashi's creativity, and SANYO company and more trees

 Maison Hermès Window Display, 

courtesy of Hermès Japon and Hermès Singapore

Satoshi Kuribayashi & KURI-KEN

The photographer of Ant eye, who develops a customized insect cameras and announces the world's only insect world.

Takashi Kuribayashi  and Awagami Factory has worked more than 10 years of relationships and created many art works.

Asashi GLOBE Text (Japanese)

Trip Museum
Takashi Kuribayashi
Japanese web magazine by Asahi Newspaper


Nepal Yatai Trip 2011


Singapore Yatai Trip2009


Korea Yatai Trip 2009


Kumamoto Yatai Trip 2012


Basquet Yatai Trip 2011


Tornado 2012

Fukushima 20km new border

14:09 min

B-Point (Boiling Point)

         16:27 min


 Red Book 2015

        22:22 min

    The Path of the Reversal Site 

                  30:04 min

​                          insect
collaborat with Satoshi Kuribayashi


© satoshi kuribayashi

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