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Beppu 100th Anniversary/Kitahama Park

Event name: Beppu City 100th Anniversary Ceremony Eve

  April 6th (Sat) 16:00-21:30, April 7th (Sun) 16:00-21:00 Venue: Kitahama Park

Enjoy art and culture at Kitahama Park in Beppu on April 6th and 7th The Beppu Municipal 100th Anniversary Commemorative Project Executive Committee will hold the "Beppu Municipal 100th Anniversary Ceremony Eve Event" at Kitahama Park on Saturday, April 6th and Sunday, April 7th. Meeting people from various backgrounds broadens your horizons and enriches your soul. Beppu has accepted everyone regardless of gender, age, nationality, skin color, religion, or disability. This is why this city has nurtured values ​​based on diversity and has generated sympathy from many people around the world. This eve event was planned based on the background of Beppu and the concept of the commemorative project. Let's celebrate the 100th anniversary of Beppu Municipality together with local residents and tourists at this live event that asks "What is happiness?" and calls for "Let's create a beautiful world together."

"Play with the Earth," which will be screened at the live event on the first day, is a video work by Rai Shizuno (representative of CINEMA CARAVAN that weaves together records he has taken while traveling around the world. The latest version of this road movie with no ending that changes with each journey will be shown for the first time in Beppu. Please enjoy "Play with the Earth," which has been made even more appealing by the addition of a live orchestral band to the video. Furthermore, the venue will feature a lineup of restaurants selected under the concept of "people who accept diverse values ​​and strive to create new culture" (food booth management: Hasegawa Yudai/HOOD), as well as a DJ live performance by Jazzy Sport, enveloping Kitahama Park in images, music and art. Each program will take place in the center of a large installation modeled after a tanker by Kuribayashi Takashi, an artist with close ties to CINEMA CARAVAN. In addition, Kuribayashi will debut his latest work in his "Genkiro" experiential art series, which he has worked on in the past.


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